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Fall Out Boy: “Save Rock and Roll” Album Review

Patrick Stump (if he isn’t officially already) should be hailed as one of the greatest singers alive…

He has a range that is infuriating to any XY types who try to do cover songs, and when put together with the lyrical prowess of Pete Wentz, it’s perfect.  This combination began in small underground club shows, and went worldwide, but in this video, you still see that part of them that thrives in the smaller settings (Warning: Explicit Language).

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Top 5 Justin Timberlake Moments

suit and tie

I must admit, I am quite the Justin Timberlake fan.  When I accidentally stumbled across the news of his new single coming out (I happened to find it literally within 20 minutes of the release), I bought that bad boy so quickly there weren’t even comments on ITunes yet.  So, in anticipation of the new album, I had to throw together a quick post for all those nostalgic fans who, like me, are counting the days.

So I present my personal top 5 favorite Justin Timberlake moments (in no particular order…I refuse to decide) Continue reading

Linkin Park: “A Thousand Suns” Album Review

A Thousand Suns in 30 words or less:

Linkin Park released their fourth studio album on September 14, 2010; produced by Rick Rubin, as was Minutes to Midnight; experimental; edge of progress; melodic, confident; either provokes thought, respect or ignorant anger

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