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Justin Timberlake’s third album was much anticipated and,  from what I read, not quite up to the task.  But how could it be?  Having to follow up Future Sex/Love Sounds is hard enough; taking six years between albums while expectations build beyond what is feasible doesn’t help either.  With both factors against him, I have to say Justin delivered…even though apparently, this is just stage one. Continue reading


Top 5 Justin Timberlake Moments

suit and tie

I must admit, I am quite the Justin Timberlake fan.  When I accidentally stumbled across the news of his new single coming out (I happened to find it literally within 20 minutes of the release), I bought that bad boy so quickly there weren’t even comments on ITunes yet.  So, in anticipation of the new album, I had to throw together a quick post for all those nostalgic fans who, like me, are counting the days.

So I present my personal top 5 favorite Justin Timberlake moments (in no particular order…I refuse to decide) Continue reading

5 Tips for Better Stage Presence

Any internet search on “stage presence” will get you a long list of repetitive common sense, surrounding a few gems of wisdom.  I’ll cut to the chase and give you a quick top five of tips I stumbled across through my experiences. Granted I’m no performing master or professional, but I’ve done enough shows to catch a few things I wish I’d known before the first one.


1)  Record Yourself – This combines being prepared with gaining confidence in your movements.  I would bet my left leg that once you see the film and how you actually look, you’ll rethink a thing or two.

2)  Wear Light Colored Shoes – A minor detail yes, but if you’re the kinda guy who moves his feet a lot, the bright colors make your movements look even more exaggerated.

Continue reading