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Fall Out Boy: “Save Rock and Roll” Album Review

Patrick Stump (if he isn’t officially already) should be hailed as one of the greatest singers alive…

He has a range that is infuriating to any XY types who try to do cover songs, and when put together with the lyrical prowess of Pete Wentz, it’s perfect.  This combination began in small underground club shows, and went worldwide, but in this video, you still see that part of them that thrives in the smaller settings (Warning: Explicit Language).

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Justin Timberlake’s third album was much anticipated and,  from what I read, not quite up to the task.  But how could it be?  Having to follow up Future Sex/Love Sounds is hard enough; taking six years between albums while expectations build beyond what is feasible doesn’t help either.  With both factors against him, I have to say Justin delivered…even though apparently, this is just stage one. Continue reading

Bruno Mars: “Doo-Wops and Hooligans” Album Review

Bruno Mars steps from behind the piano and picks up a guitar, leading in with a vaguely familiar rift…


Covering a song by the King of Pop is already a tall task.  When done right, it is one of the most powerful statements a band can make.  David Cook amazed American Idol with his cover of Billie Jean; Alien Ant Farm had instant success with their version of Smooth Criminal; and Fall Out Boy’s version of Beat It pays more than adequate homage to the original classic.  Bruno Mars, the smooth voiced cameo success of 2010 displayed plenty of vocal range in his songs, but transcended even that in this live version of Dirty Diana.

Most remarkable is his intonation, approaching some especially difficult notes with confident poise, almost with ease.  Bruno has already proven himself Top 40 worthy, but performances like this are what occupy history books.

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