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Fall Out Boy: “Save Rock and Roll” Album Review

Patrick Stump (if he isn’t officially already) should be hailed as one of the greatest singers alive…

He has a range that is infuriating to any XY types who try to do cover songs, and when put together with the lyrical prowess of Pete Wentz, it’s perfect.  This combination began in small underground club shows, and went worldwide, but in this video, you still see that part of them that thrives in the smaller settings (Warning: Explicit Language).

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Ok, so a friend from college tells me to go download another friend’s album off of ITunes.  This is not a new story.  There are plenty of artists in my and many other people’s ITunes libraries that maybe have one play of the first three songs and never get heard again except by accident;  That odd moment when you hit shuffle and think “What? Who is this…oooohhhh, that guy.”

But now, I am devoting not only the 30 minutes to listen to the album but also another 30 or so to write up a post because I gotta admit, I love it.



Parker’s Treehouse Project in 30 words or less:

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Bruno Mars: “Unorthodox Jukebox” Album Review

Saturday Night Live kept Bruno Mars busy when he stopped by…


Between doing a quite impression range of musical and character impressions, Bruno Mars found the time to take the stage and perform.  With a couple months left before his new, highly anticipated album came out, he gave an incredible rendition of the introduction track, “Young Girls”.  He is a man with everything to prove, and from the sound of it, took his time to make sure he got every detail right.

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Nicki Minaj: “Pink Friday” Album Review

Ask anyone if they’ve heard of Nicki Minaj and the odds are they’ll know the name.  Ask them anything else about her besides her latest song and they’ll likely draw a blank…


Nicki Minaj came onto the hip hop scene with a rapid success that only a handful of artists can ever claim.  Unlike most other overnight successes though, her success isn’t attributed to a freak coincidence or riding the coattails of some other artist.  She has stood toe to toe with hip hop greats, and not only held her own, but even outshone them on their own tracks.  She is already the only artist EVER who can boast to have seven songs on the billboard charts simultaneously, and the only reason her debut album didn’t hit the charts at number one is because of the cult-like following of one Susan Boyle.  She is already being compared to her pop-counter part, Lady Gaga, and anyone who doubts her skill…well they’re idiots.

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T.I.: “No Mercy” Album Review

Any performance that begins with a pregnant woman singing is going to be memorable one way or another…


T.I. has made a mark on rap, both southern and national, that is indisputable.  Not many artists have the respect of their peers, the draw of a hardcore fan base, and the cross over appeal that he garners with every release.  And the few who could arguably be contenders for this crown laid down the competition long enough to create a track and performance that transcended the scope of what any of them could have done individually.

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Rihanna: “Loud” Album Review

The performance began with Eminem in his element…mic in hand, hood pulled up, and crowd on their feet…


You can say what you want about Relapse, Eminem’s first drug-free album; the hooks aren’t as strong, the lyrics aren’t as creative or mind-blowing, he doesn’t have the same anger.  But when the 2010 VMA camera zoomed in on his face as Not Afraid began, you were instantly reminded why rap still survives as a genre despite the mountains of crap pumped out by nitwit writers and brain dead producers.  There are still those with the emotion and passion to garner a physical effect from their listeners, and Marshall Mathers III is among them.  His personal journey may not be that different from a lot of other people in this world:  hard childhood, drug problems, marital problems; but to live it all out in the public eye of tabloids and invasive press is something we can never understand, and the reason it is such an incredible story.
Enter Rihanna; model-turned-singer, with the likes of Jay-Z in her corner, and suddenly her career is in jeopardy because her own personal struggles are played out before the world when Chris Brown loses his mind.  Sure Rated R was her attempt to show perseverance, but failed insomuch that it didn’t show any resolution, just the barrage of emotions she needed to remove from herself.

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Bruno Mars: “Doo-Wops and Hooligans” Album Review

Bruno Mars steps from behind the piano and picks up a guitar, leading in with a vaguely familiar rift…


Covering a song by the King of Pop is already a tall task.  When done right, it is one of the most powerful statements a band can make.  David Cook amazed American Idol with his cover of Billie Jean; Alien Ant Farm had instant success with their version of Smooth Criminal; and Fall Out Boy’s version of Beat It pays more than adequate homage to the original classic.  Bruno Mars, the smooth voiced cameo success of 2010 displayed plenty of vocal range in his songs, but transcended even that in this live version of Dirty Diana.

Most remarkable is his intonation, approaching some especially difficult notes with confident poise, almost with ease.  Bruno has already proven himself Top 40 worthy, but performances like this are what occupy history books.

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Linkin Park: “A Thousand Suns” Album Review

A Thousand Suns in 30 words or less:

Linkin Park released their fourth studio album on September 14, 2010; produced by Rick Rubin, as was Minutes to Midnight; experimental; edge of progress; melodic, confident; either provokes thought, respect or ignorant anger

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