I managed by the skin of my teeth to read through the whole bible in 2012…which I am proud of, but in more of a “checked that off my list” kind of way.  The amount of reading each day was just enough to make getting a few days behind torturous (overstatement of my career), and it was incredibly easy to skim.  So, this time around, I wanted something more than just a badge of completion, so I developed a new blog, called Knowing is Not Enough.  Basically, I am beginning a two year bible reading plan and through the perceived pressure of having to make a post each day, forcing myself to read for content, and for application.

So far so good…I hope through the next couple years to provide a daily, reasonable Call to Action, to that there is something beyond the reading to do.  So if you want a hopefully daily means to act on your faith, I hope to provide that.  Just head on over to http://knowingisnotenough.wordpress.com/ and sign up for the daily email.