Ok, so a friend from college tells me to go download another friend’s album off of ITunes.  This is not a new story.  There are plenty of artists in my and many other people’s ITunes libraries that maybe have one play of the first three songs and never get heard again except by accident;  That odd moment when you hit shuffle and think “What? Who is this…oooohhhh, that guy.”

But now, I am devoting not only the 30 minutes to listen to the album but also another 30 or so to write up a post because I gotta admit, I love it.



Parker’s Treehouse Project in 30 words or less:

Extremely musical; great guitar work, great lyrics and imagery, has personality; sultry, baritone vibrato; almost sounds like a cover CD of classic guitar songs from the past


My Randomly Ordered Top 7 Moments of Parker’s Treehouse Project

1) “Bleecker Street Bossa”; 1:18; “The treble clefs of my soul’s melody”  There are plenty of great lyrics to choose from already in this album, but this line stood out for me.  Very imaginative song…great imagery…I could go on

2) “Bleecker Street Bossa”; 0:13; There is not much better than a great melody.  Combine that with a smooth, complementary guitar part, and it is game, set, match.  I would love to see a live video of this one…hint, hint…

3) “Bleecker Street Bossa”; 3:18;  I don’t know who this “Adam” is that he’s talking to, but I like to believe it’s me.

4) “Jack and ginger “; 2:34;  I’m a lyrics man, and there is something perfectly simple and creatively profound about the idea of “pleasant suicide

5) “After all”; 1:20; I am already learning the guitar part so I can sing this song at my next show.  And you can bet there will be a cheesy grin on my face when I sing “I treat you like you’re a queen, but you’re just a spoiled princess in blue jeans“.  And the melody of this line just takes it to the next level…I’m grinnin’ just thinking about it.

6) “Querida”; 0:34;  I have no idea what he said, but it sounds sexy.  That vibrato is massaging my soul.

7) “Don’t Cry”; 2:37 -3:29; – Just plain smooth.  This is a great use of space…using less to get more.

Parker’s Treehouse Project is a half-hour of solid music.  Lyrically, musically and in delivery, it is well-thought out and complementary.

Well worth the 7.29 on ITunes. Or Amazon.