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I must admit, I am quite the Justin Timberlake fan.  When I accidentally stumbled across the news of his new single coming out (I happened to find it literally within 20 minutes of the release), I bought that bad boy so quickly there weren’t even comments on ITunes yet.  So, in anticipation of the new album, I had to throw together a quick post for all those nostalgic fans who, like me, are counting the days.

So I present my personal top 5 favorite Justin Timberlake moments (in no particular order…I refuse to decide)


1)  2006 Video Music Awards Performance…the first time I heard My Love, and I spent so much time watching this that the drop in my GPA that year can be directly traced to this video.

2)  2013 Release of Suit & TieI had fears he was done.  I thought he might have stayed away too long and would not be able to recapture the chemistry that he and Timbaland had on Future Sex/Love Sounds.  This gave me hope.

Warning: Explicit

3) 2001 Gone with NsyncA song originally pinned by Timberlake, I think this was when I saw that the kid was good.  Not to say  I was an Nsync fan, but this song in my mind came up along side classic stuff like Usher’s You Got It Bad.

4)  2007 Cry Me a River live at Madison Square Garden; 3:27; So Cry Me a River is already listed as one of the greatest break up songs , and the video for that is fantastic.  I saw 49 million views, and my only thought was “huh, that’s a bit low”.  So the next step is to mix in an incredible performance at Madison Square Garden, a little rock-based reinterpretation of the song and a little beatboxing at the end.  And 3:27 captures the ultimate revenge moment: a crowd of people singing along, cameras rolling, and everyone knows who that little personal memo is directed at.

Warning: Explicit

5)  2007 What Goes Around Come Around at the Grammys; 3:30; The original video was incredible.  I mean, it has Scarlett Johansson.  Where JT excels though, is in re-imagining a song live, and adding something to shake things up.  Besides sitting behind a piano to add musicianship, he breaks out the handheld camera to add another dimension to revenge.  Just an incredible performer.


It’s pretty amazing to think that The 20/20 Experience is only Timberlake’s third album.  Even now, thinking of runner-up moments (Sexyback, Like I Love You, Summer Love, I Think That She Knows live at Victoria’s Secret, not to mention groping Mila Kunis) I imagine a string of albums that produced such great songs.  I am quite excited to see if the Experience is Justified.  (I know, I know, bad pun).


February 5th Music Cache

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