I heard someone say once that when the world got flipped upside down in the fall, the things that were the most good were what became the most evil.  It’s weird to think about.  Makes sense though…also makes sense that once you get used to the darkness, the light becomes the thing most painful to face.  It’s sorta like Gatorade…when you have a time out during an intense basketball game, the last thing you want is a Pepsi.  But when you haven’t worked out in months, just finished half a pizza and need something to wash down the cinnamon sticks, that Gatorade just won’t cut it.

It’s literally like reprogramming yourself.  A full system reboot to get back to where God first had it all set.  Of course the only problem with all of this is that pretty much everyone and everything else around you is in constant struggle against what you are trying to do.  Why is it so difficult to not drink in a bar?  Yeah, yeah, that’s what you’re supposed to do there, why go if you aren’t going to…whatever.  Let’s get passed the “whys” and say that you’re just going out with friends, but recently decided not to drink.  Or you can’t afford it.  It’s almost mind-blowing how quickly someone, even a stranger, will spend their money to buy you a drink, but never have spare change for the guy in the santa hat a bell outside Walmart every year.  Or take premarital sex.  I have heard one too many stories from guys who told the girl they were with that they were saving themselves for marriage, or vice versa, and rather than respecting that, the other person took it as a challenge to try even harder to break them.  Why?

It’s like swimming upstream…yeah, played out analogy, but effective.  It’s like trying to get back to the source of the river, while everyone around you is swimming away from it.  It’d be great if you could just hop out of the river and walk upstream, but it’s not that simple.  And it’d be nice if the same freedoms of expression the world grants to everyone else were extended to Christians, but they aren’t.  Instead, actively opposed.  Sucks.

And of course it’s not that the only thing working against us is the outside…the forces inside are even worse.  So we have to accept being a natural hypocrite, simply because we CAN’T be perfect.  But we try…and while the world is apt to forgive anyone else who truly apologizes, we Christians are held to a higher standard.  Which we should be.  And we should hold ourselves to it.  But with the understanding that failure is unavoidable.


Being on fire for God is normal.  Giving praise and honor back to the being to whom you owe EVERYTHING is pretty logical.  If a baby straight out of the womb despised, mocked and ignored its mom until the day it died, we would question its mental stability.  There is a part of all of us that is somewhat disgusted to see a child, teenager, or adult completely disrespect and disregard their parents.  Yet, we do the same and worse to God.  In high school, if someone talked bad about your momma, those were fighting words.  But when God is mocked, we (myself included) are much more apt to join in.  Maybe not by contributing a punch line or two, but sitting there quietly laughing isn’t much better.

TRUE Christians should be the norm, but instead are the smallest minority.  The majority of people harbor an attitude toward God that doesn’t make any sense at all.  Myself included.  Why is it so hard to maintain the healthy attitude toward God that I feel so deeply convicted for not having consistently?