If you haven’t read Radical by David Platt, I wouldn’t advise you to.  It’s a little like being diagnosed with a deadly disease…you have to either completely give up or fight.  And this book, over the past few months that I’ve been reading it, has been more convicting and eye-opening than most anything I’ve read, save the red letters.  So unless you’re prepared to actively evaluate your entire life and consciously choose to either change or reject its truths, don’t read this book.

It’s in a lot of ways a constant reminder of Romans 12:1to me.  “Do not be conformed anymore to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Once you open your mind to the question of “how have I been conformed?”, there’s no limit to how deep the rabbit hole goes.  Then sifting through that to see which things are social norms versus acceptable or suppressed sins…it hurts.


The one thing that has been constantly killing me is the idea of time management.  I once wrote on my wall (literally on my bedroom wall in Sharpie) “is anything you’re doing making your life better?”  That was a couple years back, and since then I’ve lost the ability to sit and watch TV.  Especially reruns.  I get antsy, need to multi-task, or do something…anything else.  The main reason for it at that time was that I was sick of always saying I didn’t have time for stuff and then realizing that I always found 30 minutes to drop on TV.  It’s amazing how much more productive you can be with just that little bit of time back.

So, I opened up time, got more productive, accomplished more than I ever thought I could in a 24 hour day…then I started to read Radical.  And that opened the door to the question “is what I’m doing the BEST thing”?  To honestly evaluate every minute of my life through this filter is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do.  The excuses I’ve come up with are a bit humorous, but mostly pathetic.

I won’t go into details, but think about this even: is writing this blog right now the best thing I could be doing?  Couldn’t I be out helping the homeless?  Couldn’t I be reading my bible?  Couldn’t I be finding new ways to establish deeper connections with the people God has put in my life?  Heck, even you…is reading this blog the best thing you could be doing (assuming for a second that you’re a Christian) for God’s kingdom?

Jesus didn’t have a day planner that kept him busy from 6am to 12am.  But he also wasn’t a huge Friends fanatic.  Or whatever they had back then…morality plays and pig wrestling, who knows.  My point being, there is a happy medium…Jesus didn’t kill himself trying to do EVERYTHING possible to help EVERYONE around him, but he also didn’t waste his precious time on trivial things with no value for the kingdom.

Just some food for thought.

PS  If reading this blog alone was enough to frustrate you, I’d seriously warn you to never read Radical.  I literally can’t go back to the person I was.  Curse you Mr. Platt.