When all you expect is a few McNuggets, even a Big Mac looks fantastic.  As an ex-employee of the Golden Arches, I can assure you, Big Macs hold the same appeal to me as fried chicken does to a cow.  Not the best metaphor, but I hope you get my point…it’s just not good.  But honestly, when I made the choice to abandon what it seemed I had spent my whole life preparing for in order to actively follow Christ, I wasn’t expecting joy, honestly…just a steady contentment.  The strength to be content in all situations, regardless of how comparatively crappy mine might be to those around me.  A funny thing happened though…


I wrote earlier that God’s primary purpose isn’t to make us miserable.  We just misunderstand His methods and label them cruel.  I had gone from a band that had gathered somewhat of a following and bit of a buzz around my city to…nothing.  Nada.  Starting from scratch.  More than a decade dedicated to a single band, which I broke apart in a few months.  Of the five, three of us stayed around, but with few prospects.  Then God brought in a new guy…a guy who loves the Lord and brought a whole slew of new songs, ideas and energy.  Here we are a few months after the break up ready to start recording again.

And the crazy thing is, we are getting offered shows.  And not just coffee houses.  But chances to play praise and worship for hundreds of people.  Chances to get paid potentially more in a single show than we ever got with my former band.  Do I think that we are suddenly gonna hit the big time and rule the airwaves?  No.  But the fact that I can now sit around and just play praise songs with a band and be completely content with it is beyond me.


I was expecting McNuggets, and I’m getting steak.  And I’m happy.  Not just joyful, but happy.  Whether this band ever goes anywhere or not, I’m ok with it now, because I got the chance to use God’s gift properly and experience what it’s like to be living in His will.  Makes me wonder just how many other things in this world He made to give us extreme joy that we squander because we don’t understand.

I mean, with marriage on the horizon, I can’t help but wonder how screwed up my view of sex is after all the movies and tv shows I’ve watched.  God made it to be good, how badly have we cheapened it?  Food, music, nature, science, technology, community…all these things we don’t fully understand that we just use to selfish and often detrimental ends.


Someday I may understand this all, but one thing that the last few months has taught me is this:  living in God’s will is living as we were meant to; and we were meant to live in joy and peace forever.  All else is nothing.