A lot of things changed when Adam ate the apple, but nothing new was created. Which makes me assume a few things…

1)  Our purpose in life was and is to glorify God

2)  We live in a constant state of worship

3) God enjoys making us happy

Now I can already see the indoctrinated minds honing in on the word “happy” and saying God never promised to make us happy, He promised us joy.  Yeah…but that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy.  If you look at a lot of the things in this life that give us pleasure, they aren’t things that magically appeared after the Fall…they are things that got corrupted.


I’ve often wondered what the world would look like if Adam had never sinned, and what things we would still have today.  Off the top, I’m pretty sure we would still have the X Games, beer, paintball, sky diving, and stand up comedy.  I could be entirely wrong, but my point lies in this…none of those things are inherently evil.  Only when these things, as with anything else earthly, are misused and/or worshiped do they become an issue.  If God didn’t want us to be happy, why would He make so many different kinds of fruit?  We could’ve had just apples.  We could’ve all been born in exactly the same manner, learned the same language, grown to the same height, and had the same hair, complexion, accent, sense of humor and taste.

I think God made us all so different for a bigger reason than just to show His creativity and power.  I think He did it so that our finite minds would NEVER be able to run out of reasons and reminders to worship Him.  Even in the most repetitive and menial life, there are countless variations and nuances that point to God’s glory if we are astute and aware enough to simply look past our own nose.


Which leads me full circle to the idea of us CONSTANTLY worshiping SOMETHING.  Granted the majority of the time it is ourselves; I know I have my thoughts occupied by plenty of other things…the majority of them just as meaningless.  The day I got the mental image of God walking Adam to the top of a waterfall and saying “I dare you to jump”, my entire perspective on life changed.

God created a world full of thrill for the adrenaline junkies, science and physics for the nerds, sunsets for the poets, irony for the pranksters, and volatile enough to never be entirely predictable.  The next time you see a video of a sneezing panda or a drunk squirrel, know that God made the world in such a specific way that that was possible.  Then ask yourself WHY God would do that, besides to make you happy.

Feels a bit conceited right?