A lot can happen in seven days.  I, personally, went from an aimless, nervous, anxious neophyte in following God’s will, to just nervous and anxious. It’s incredible how all it took was me stepping out of my comfort zone and actually sacrificing something for God for Him to start revealing Himself to me.


Long story short, God is not a whore.  If you’ll pardon a very limiting and inadequate analogy, He is like a beautiful woman being pursued.  While a selfish act may get you what you think you want right now, an unselfish act will not only be more beneficial in the long run, but also slowly convince her to open up to you.  And from my own personal experience, there is not much on God’s green earth more captivating than a woman who knows she is loved and is comfortable with revealing her true self and soul to you.  So when theincredible God who created that woman starts revealing Himself to you, it’s hard not to be moved.

Now it’s really hard to convince myself that I can begin to describe, for those of you who haven’t felt this, how amazing it is.  It’s a lot like falling in love; everybody laughs and just can’t understand it until they’re the ones with their pants around their ankles hanging from a Ferris Wheel.  God has revealed Himself to me in such an individual way that even if I told you the details of how He did it, you would think either I’m crazy or I’m folle.  So now, just like a man in love, I wanna give back, express these feelings of how smitten I am.

This is where Project 151 fits in, and how I was led to it.

  • Prayer is our way to give glory to God;
  • Psalms is a book full of prayers;
  • We are called to memorize scripture;
  • I memorize a song much easier than a monologue.

So with no specific deadline, bench marks along the way, or even a general projected course of action, I mark today as the beginning of my effort to have all 150 Psalms posted in this blog in song form, in order to facilitate my own memory of them and any other poor soul who stumbles onto this page.

*  I know there are 150 Psalms, not 151, but that’s my promise to God that Psalms 150 will not be the end of the work He started in me.

*  I know there are plenty of Psalms already in song form…just means I have less time to completion.  And anyone else out there with a guitar, piano, bagpipes, whatever, I would love to collaborate.  Where two or more are gathered, He is there.