For those of you who stumbled upon this little blog while searching for Rihanna pics or Haley Williams nude, I’m gonna go ahead and save you the trouble of scanning further.  You’ll have to look elsewhere.  For the three or four of you who were just looking for something interesting to read, I can only promise I’ll at least keep you awake.


This blog is no longer an album review, or a top 5 list kinda deal.  Long story short, I recently became “that guy”…the guy who leaves a solid band because he knows God is leading him elsewhere.  Throw in the fact that it was shortly after getting into a relationship and I’m a walking clique.  I used to laugh at guys like me…promised I would never be one…wished harm on the things they loved.  Now, on this side of it, I’m realizing just how liberating, alienating and extremely difficult it is to follow what you KNOW is the right thing.

Ah Further Room

my old band…the band I put about 7 years, $6000, and a college degree into. Look us up on Itunes; we’re awesome. I doubt you can imagine how much it sucks to look your best friend in the face and say “I can’t do this anymore”.  What sucks the most, though, is that I tried.  I compromised what I knew was right…I ignored plenty of signs that things were going down…I fell into the same stuff they were.  Heck, some of the bad cover songs we played were my ideas.  But things finally hit a point where standing on the fence was no longer an option…a point of no return.


So this blog is now me, a decent guitarist, amateur songwriter, struggling Christian and scatter-brained schizophrenic, chronicling what God has planned for those who decide to abandon the easy road and are determined to give Him everything, no matter how much it hurts, or how many people hate you for it.