Ask anyone if they’ve heard of Nicki Minaj and the odds are they’ll know the name.  Ask them anything else about her besides her latest song and they’ll likely draw a blank…


Nicki Minaj came onto the hip hop scene with a rapid success that only a handful of artists can ever claim.  Unlike most other overnight successes though, her success isn’t attributed to a freak coincidence or riding the coattails of some other artist.  She has stood toe to toe with hip hop greats, and not only held her own, but even outshone them on their own tracks.  She is already the only artist EVER who can boast to have seven songs on the billboard charts simultaneously, and the only reason her debut album didn’t hit the charts at number one is because of the cult-like following of one Susan Boyle.  She is already being compared to her pop-counter part, Lady Gaga, and anyone who doubts her skill…well they’re idiots.

If you still doubt her abilities after that, you’re just an ignoramus.  With millions waiting for her to fall, and millions hanging on her every word, Nicki Minaj has become a household name.  And where most artists would be making every effort to keep people happy, Nicki Minaj is staying true to what she wants to do as an artist.  Her wikipedia page is full of unorthodox quotes and surprising background information, specifically her use of alter egos in her music and past.


After a bidding war between plenty of labels, Nicki Minaj finally signed with Young Money Entertainment, and released her first studio album.

Pink Friday in 30 Words or Less:

Released, after high anticipation, on November 19th, 2010; diverse, unexpected; scatterbrained and larger than life;  something for everyone while catering to no one; not quite up to the hype, but an important album


My Randomly Ordered Top 7 Moments of Pink Friday

1)  “Roman’s Revenge”; Eminem brings back Slim Shady to rip through a verse with characteristic wit and twisted mind

  • 1:40;  “I’ll piss a happy meal off”
  • 1:44; “Quit hollering ‘Why God’, He aint got s&^t to do with it”

2)  “Roman’s Revenge”; 4:04; Nicki plays up her “larger than life” persona as Roman Zolanski with a weird outro and another of her strange accents

3)  “Did It on Em”; Nicki’s wit is what makes her better than most of what’s out nowadays, this this song illustrates that with punch line after punch line

  • 1:41;  “More talent in my mother f^%$g left thumb/ She ain’t a Nicki fan? Then the b%#$h deaf, dumb”
  • 3:00; “If you could turn back time, Cher/ You used to be here now you’re gone, Nair”

4)  “Right Thru Me”; 1:47; Where most artists only have one or two emotions  (half of which don’t come across well), Nicki displays her range here with a pretty vulnerable verse, particularly  impressive following the gauntlet she laid down on Did It On Em.

5)  “Check It Out”; 2:32; After getting away from the accents, raps and punch line for a while, she comes back with more of what made her famous. “Competition why yes, I would love some”

6) “Blazin”; 3:36; Kanye is always good for riddle or two, and in his verse on this track he delivers “Nicki what you think/ I got two white Russians but we also need some drinks”

7) “Your Love”; 2:19: Pulls out another accent, but more of a sexy, feminine one than she has used before; definitely  worth a rewind or two

Nicki Minaj will be around for a while


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