Any performance that begins with a pregnant woman singing is going to be memorable one way or another…


T.I. has made a mark on rap, both southern and national, that is indisputable.  Not many artists have the respect of their peers, the draw of a hardcore fan base, and the cross over appeal that he garners with every release.  And the few who could arguably be contenders for this crown laid down the competition long enough to create a track and performance that transcended the scope of what any of them could have done individually.


In the midst of serving an 11 month prison sentence, TI released his seventh studio album, No Mercy, to a multitude of fans, crossing every genre and ethnicity.

No Mercy in 30 Words or Less:

Very tongue and cheek; sarcastic with a purpose.  TI’s very demeanor is alluring, with a bravado similar to Tupac,  even with the vulnerability of some tracks.  Less radio-friendly.


My Randomly Ordered Top 7 Moments of No Mercy

1) “Welcome to the world”;  1:35 and   2:41; T.I. and Kanye deliver intense verses with interesting variations in flow at these points; all revolving around an impressive Kid Cudi hook  “If you’re looking for real love, you won’t find it here; If you’re looking for real love, well good night my dear.”  A perfect intro track.

2)  “Get Back Up”; 2:03 -2:10; Interesting…not a standout song over all, but this is one of the better lines, and the beginning of many oddly religious ones on this album.

3)  “That’s All She Wrote”; Eminem joins T.I. again for a notable track

  • 1:08; “I guess they mad at me, huh? really pissed off.  Better that than pissed on”;
  • 2:25;  “If you was bleach and I was hair I wouldn’t die for ya”

4)  “No Mercy”; Intense beat from the beginning; very musical.  It may never see radio play, but it is one of his best songs compositionally yet.

  • 1:19; “Tell the judge if he throws the book at me, make it the bible”;
  • 2:34; “Gospel say they should forgive me, rather hand me to satan”

5)  “Salute”; 2:14; “Every time destiny called, King delivered” echoes over the void of the beat; every time the beat drops you expect something great and this line speaks for itself.

6)   “Amazing”; 2:14; A Pharell Williams track, with T.I.’s wit in full attack, spitting; “You see a b&%^h can’t afford this life, have to f@#k a ball player and a mayor every night”

7) “Lay Me Down”; Sounds like something Missy Elliot should be featured on wherever she is;  but this man’s swagger is never ending

2b) “Castle Walls”;  3:39; Christina Aguilera does a much better job on this song than Chris Brown on “Get Back Up”.  This song is similar but far superior, and definitely single worth, if just for her vocals here.

T.I. will always be the King of the South, however records like this won’t make him king of the charts.  But that was and is a necessary sacrifice for him to show the maturity and vulnerability that make him the well rounded artist he is.


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