The performance began with Eminem in his element…mic in hand, hood pulled up, and crowd on their feet…


You can say what you want about Relapse, Eminem’s first drug-free album; the hooks aren’t as strong, the lyrics aren’t as creative or mind-blowing, he doesn’t have the same anger.  But when the 2010 VMA camera zoomed in on his face as Not Afraid began, you were instantly reminded why rap still survives as a genre despite the mountains of crap pumped out by nitwit writers and brain dead producers.  There are still those with the emotion and passion to garner a physical effect from their listeners, and Marshall Mathers III is among them.  His personal journey may not be that different from a lot of other people in this world:  hard childhood, drug problems, marital problems; but to live it all out in the public eye of tabloids and invasive press is something we can never understand, and the reason it is such an incredible story.
Enter Rihanna; model-turned-singer, with the likes of Jay-Z in her corner, and suddenly her career is in jeopardy because her own personal struggles are played out before the world when Chris Brown loses his mind.  Sure Rated R was her attempt to show perseverance, but failed insomuch that it didn’t show any resolution, just the barrage of emotions she needed to remove from herself.

Love the Way You Lie was, for both artist involved, a purging process, and the coincidental overlap of their career paths couldn’t have produced a more emotionally freeing and redemptive song, which led to an amazing performance.

On the heels of a world tour, Rihanna hits the studio to put together another highly anticipated album.

Loud in 30 words or less:

Barbaian artist Rihanna’s fifth studio album; vocally mature, highest personal debut in U.S. sales; caters to her strengths as an individual; loud and entertaining


My Randomly Ordered Top 7 Moments of Loud

1) “S and M”; 1:01; I think the lyrics say it all…

Cause I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it,
Sex in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But whips and chains excite me

2)  “Cheers”; 3:22; Has a nice break down, but what really caught me in this song was a sample from, of all people, Avril Lavigne.  Is there a deep significance in Rihanna sampling a song about the emptiness, lonliness and the search for fulfillment and using it in a song about drinking your cares away?  Prolly not.

3)  “Fading”; 1:36; Rihanna combines a great melody with some impressive vocal control.

4)  “California King Bed”; :40; “It feels like there’s more than distance between us”

5)  “Man Down”; Easily over-looked in favor of more catchy tracks, but this song works beautifully with her accent.  It is proof that she tried very consciously to differentiate herself and cater to what sets her apart as an artist.

6)  “Raining Men”; 1:26; Nikki Manaj demands your attention and a few rewinds.  Heavens to Betsy, that chica is amazing.

7)  “Complicated”; :13;  My jaw dropped; the strongest I’ve ever heard Rihanna sing.

8-100)  “Love the Way You Lie Part II”;  At first, I was pissed when I saw the name. Thought they were milking a great song dry.  Better, by far, than the original and worth the price of the album by itself.

I was a passive Rihanna fan for years; I thought her vocal range was unimpressive, her song choice was a little too unoriginal, and that honestly her looks had gotten her this far.  This is an artist who has grown tremendously from the beginning of her career, and this album is the indisputable evidence of it.  Buy it or I will sick wild dogs on those you love most.


November 26 Music Cache

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Better than the original?

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