I’ve dedicated this blog to moments in music, but tonight, it’s moments of the 2010 Video Music Awards in LA.

  1. Eminem: a cappella this man just spews emotion and charisma. Oh yeah, and I think Rihanna was there…
  2. Justin Beiber/Usher:  clearly Usher is working with him; it’s like the before and after.  As much as I hate to say it, I’m curious to see Beiber’s progression.
  3. The Jack Ass commercial: sure it might be a guy thing, but I’m excited.
  4. When Don’t Stop and California Gurls played back to back and I couldn’t tell they changed the song…go back and listen…it’s barely even a remix
  5. I think the world would implode if Gaga wore something normal.  Gaga in a pant suit may signal the apocalypse.  13 nominations, you think she’d find something she could walk in.
  6. Taylor Swift taking the high road…between that and Aziz Ansari’s intro, I think it’s clear someone somewhere thinks the Kanye joke is over.
  7. Hayley Williams.  I think she sang or something, but…those shoulders do something to me…

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