Pink walks into the aisle with a confidence that says “I know something you don’t know”...


She begins singing an unfamiliar tune, despite the plethora of hit songs under her belt, and the inherent risk of performing an unreleased track; especially at the Grammys.  She proceeds to glide down the center aisle, only stopping long enough to twist out of her loose white dress, and makes her way to center stage for one of the greatest performances in Grammy history.

What makes this performance great is the combination of various focal points, none of which make or break the whole, but which are individually great enough to stand, while symbiotically contributing to the greatness of the performance;  well penned lyrics, nostalgic melodies, impressive and challenging delivery from mid air suspension, the visual opulence of the choreography, and the ingratiating confidence of the performer.


A little research led me from youtube to wikipedia to Best Buy, and to an album that should’ve been on my cd rack a long time ago.

Fun house Synopsis in 30words or less:
Pink released her fifth studio album, Fun House on October 24, 2008-  Highest charting album – Released in Post-Carey Hart era – deals with the pain of heartbreak sans the melancholy –  Emotional, unpredictable, sarcastic, genuine


My Randomly Ordered Top 7 Moments of Fun House

  1. “So What” is obviously catchy, and has some of the most unique adlibs and voice-overs on the album, especially at 1:06.
  2. “Sober” accentuates lyric/track interaction at 1:11 by letting the words “I don’t wanna be the girl that has to fill the silence” bleed into an empty silence before continuing her thought.
  3. “I Don’t Believe You” in it’s entirely is a testament to the strength of her melodies.  The first of three songs with no drums, it relies entirely on her vocal performance to carry and drive the song; which she does beautifully, specifically at 2:06, where she cries a question on “right”.
  4. “Please Don’t Leave Me” is possibly the most vulnerable song on the album. At :35 she sings “I can cut you into pieces” as if she hates herself for knowing how.
  5. “Fun House” at 2:25 is a schizophrenic shift from enraged ex to delusional pyromaniac.  The flow from “burn this f****r down” into a sing-song, skipping string of “do do”s is easily overlooked, but is definitely rewind worthy.
  6. “It’s All Your Fault is a solid jump anthem, almost Kelly Clarkson-esque…until 2:35, where it breaks into a driving bridge with the instruments and vocals doubling each other to create one of the most memorable moments on the album.
  7. “Boring”; this bonus track sounds like a lost track from Avril Lavigne’s “The Best Damn Thing”, and has a risky bridge at 2:02 that ends unexpectedly, but definitely not disappointingly.

For the longest time, Pink had been like sesame seeds to me.  Sure if the burger has them, I appreciate them, but when they aren’t there I don’t miss them.  Now I’m backtracking through her career and throwing some old hits back into heavy rotation.  If I had to recommend just three tracks, I’d say put in the cd and hit shuffle; whichever first three you hit will at least convince you to hear a fourth.


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