Music was always meant to affect.  The idea of background music or elevator music shouldn’t even exist; it was always meant to be engaging and moving.  It’s too bad that we live in a world that robs music of its novelty, making it like air; sure we depend on it, but rarely do we stop and realize what a gift it truly is.

But it’s no mystery music affects us whether we want it to or not.  I’ve found myself on the highway doing 85 to My Chemical Romance, and doing 50 to Regina Spektor just 10 minutes later.  I’ve giggled like a giddy school girl to Eminem’s punch lines and then rethought the meaning of my existence to the Moonlight Sonata.  Like Em said, “My songs can make you cry/ take you by surprise at the same time/ can make you dry your eyes with the same rhyme”

Even beyond what’s personally moving, music offers moments that anyone, anywhere, in any language, can partake in; and these are the moments I hope to share with you.

Essentially, music is about that place where the words, composition, emotions, surroundings and presentation of a song come together, even if just for a second, and overwhelm us.

So this is my weekly attempt to find some of the best moments in music and share them with anyone who hopes to get more out of music than a good workout mix or ambience for their daily routine.  It can be so much more.

Well if you stuck with me through that, you’re a trooper.


August 31st’s Music Cache

If this doesn’t move you…

Used to sing this while I mowed the lawn so my mom wouldn’t hear…

Bet you saw the movie and missed how amazing this was…I know I did…